The Road to Forgiveness

Positioning yourself to be able to forgive is a very tough decision to make. On One end, you want to forgive so that you can be forgiven, but the obvious approach is to “never forget.”

I recall stories from my momma about my Grandma Byas. My grandma was a woman who didn’t play. Someone stole something from her and her sentiment to them was, I will forgive you, but I will never forget. I didn’t truly understand the quote until just recently.

When you are treated unfairly, your character made to be something that is totally not you, or disregarded by someone who you thought had your back, you are inclined to want to inflict that same (if not more harsh) pain and turmoil on them. You plot your most epic “one up” while working yourself into a fury, allowing some of the evilest, most piercing thoughts to manifest in your spirit.

For the last 13 months I have had to endure a battle that was so damning to my spirit that it caused me to lose focus, I had to stop taking my PhD classes, and as loving and open as I am known to be, I became bitter and closed off.

The unfortunate battle that me and my child has had to endure wasn’t about us, but moreso about our destiny, causing us to get away from the call that God has on us. The Enemy knows where to hit, when and who to use. Once you understand that reality, it allows you to look at that thing with a better set of eyes. Satan don’t care about you, your family, your job etc, his main objective is to rob the calling that God gave YOU, to help the masses. Using my case, what could I have accomplished in 13 months for the kingdom, had I not been distracted by an unforgiving spirit?

Pick your spiritual battles. Stop letting Satan use hurt ppl to hurt you and keep you in bondage. Pray hard, cry out harder, let go and let God for real for real. That is the best revenge for destiny thieves. That is the best course to forgive and forget. Don’t be no fool in your forgetting though. Let God work it all the way on your behalf.

Check out this link for more on forgiveness .

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