Just One Time

Just one time..
I want to experience love
with a receptive heart 
Not consumed with the what ifs 
of him potentially hurting me.
I don’t want to be constantly looking for warning signs of his infidelity,
or keeping an account of the lies that he forgot he told me.
Just one time…
I want to be confident knowing that he has the best intentions for me,
and that he trusts me to protect his dreams.
I want to be bold in declaring the love I have for him,
making “our love” the greatest story ever told.
Just one time 
I want to experience butterflies every time he’s near me,
giving into his every desire,
reciprocating the same chemistry he gives to me.
Just one time, I want to get it right

Excerpt from The Soul of a Black Woman:Journeys Through Poetry

by Meika J Cole

Available for sale 11/01/17

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