What is the Soul of a Black Woman?

The Soul of a Black Woman is the intricate fiber that the Creator uses to thread us into a sisterhood.

Our mission is to inspire, encourage, and motivate Black women to cultivate and deepen their social identities and become their own definition.

Documenting Our Stories

For as far as we can recall, we have always been around Black women who had stories.  From African-American history pioneers, to our grandmothers, mothers, aunts and our own daughters, Black women share a rich history of who we are and where we are going, allowing us to share them with the next generation women.

Using YOUR voice

As the cliché goes, “Opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one”.  But what people fail to see is that there is beauty in this statement meaning that YOUR OPINION MATTERS!

At, we will discuss topics on politics, religion, health & fitness, fashion, media and economics. You will laugh and cry but must of all you will be encouraged!

Meika J. Cole-Founder

Meika J. Cole is a mother, daughter, sister and friend first; author, activist, and critical cultural scholar second.  Born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan, Meika’s love for writing, speaking and desire to get involved lead her on an enriching road to spiritual discovery as a Black woman.

Meika attended Oakland University in Rochester, MI studying communication.  It was during this time that she found she had interests in African-American interpersonal relationships, gender communication, power, identity, and the representation of minorities and women in the media. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree, Meika began her working towards a master’s graduate, with the sole purpose of studying communication from the Black perspective. She went into the program with one question in mind, Why does African-American men and women suffer in their relationships with each other?  With this, she began studying discourses regarding power and gender roles within the Black collective.

Over time, her research showed her another missing dynamic which centered around the representation of African-American women in media and how those images complicate how Black women viewed themselves.  This lead to a study centered around Steve Harvey’s concept of how women should think like men.  She competed in the 2015 Michigan Undergraduate and Graduate (MUG) Communication conference where she received the top paper panel award for her work titled, “The Steve Harvey Effect: Has Acting Like a Lady and Thinking Like a Man Correct African-American Gender Relations?’

Meika has been a conference presenter at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant and Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. She has been a featured speaker/blogger for, and also as a panel presenter for the State of Black Women in Michigan Conference speaking on Black women in the media.  “My motivation behind the Soul of a Black Woman is to give us a voice and medium to tell our own stories.  I want to be able to challenge Black women to think of the strength that they have within and use it positively so that we can be the mold that new generation of Black women fashion themselves after.  Let’s talk about our trials and be real about our struggles as Black women of today.”

Currently, Meika lives in Auburn Hills, Michigan with her daughter, Laila.  She is currently pursuing a doctorate in education and will release her first book, The Soul of a Black Women: Journeys through Poetry, Nov 1, 2017.

 Community Service/Associations/Honors and Awards

  • Member National Communication Association (Critical Cultural, Gender Studies and African-American Caucus), 2015-Present
  • Paper reviewer, National Communication Association 2016
  • Volunteer, OLHSA Walk for Warmth, Feb 2016
  • Volunteer, March of Dimes Walk, April 2015
  • Andrews College, Graduate Student Conference Paper Lecture, March. 2015 (Writing)
  • Central Michigan University MUG Conference Top Paper Winner, Feb 2015 (Writing)
  • Volunteer, Oakland County MDHHS Pathways to Potential, 2014
  • Coordinator, Oakland County MDHHS Bring Your Child to Work Day, 2013
  • Volunteer, DHS Pathways to Potential, 2012
  • Organizer, Wayne County DHS Diversity Luncheon, 2011
  • Lead Intern of Midwest Region, Hidden Beach Recordings, 2002-2006, (Leadership/Marketing)
  • Coordinator, Detroit Hidden Beach Records Intern Conference, 2006

Contact Information:


Facebook: meikajcole

Instagram: j_meika